Obama: "If Men Were Having Babies, We'd Have Different Policies"

"That's for certain."

To the delight of his female audience at Valencia Community College in Orlando Thursday, President Obama chided Congress for blocking passage of the upcoming Paycheck Fairness Act, saying, "If men were having babies, we'd have different policies."

The president said Republicans need join to join "this century" and pass this bill:

In the coming weeks, Congress will have a chance to go even further by voting yes or no on what's called the Paycheck Fairness Act. Right now, a majority of the senators support that bill, but so far Republicans have blocked it. We have got to get them to change their minds and join us in this century, because a woman deserves equal pay for equal work. 

Then President Obama absurdly stated that things would be different if it were men having babies:

It's pretty straightforward. [cheers and applause] And Congress should not stop there -- a woman deserves workplace policies that protect her right to have a baby without losing her job. It's pretty clear that if men were having babies, we'd have different policies. Right? We know that—that's for certain.

The president hopes to pressure support for the bill which claims to be a "remedy against sex discrimination in the payment of wages" by perpetuating the falsehood that women make only 77 cents to every dollar a man makes. The wage gap between men and women has been shown to be roughly 5 cents when all factors are considered.

As TruthRevolt previously pointed out, what Obama is not willing to admit is that the female staff members at the White House are the ones suffering from unequal pay -- his female staff earns 88 cents for every dollar compared to his male staff.