Obama Endorses EU Labeling of Israeli Products: Doesn't 'Consider Settlements to Be Part of Israel' Anyway

Big shock, there.

Hearkening back to a dark period in its history when Jewish businesses were stigmatized and targeted for boycott, the European Union has issued a ruling that bans the "Made in Israel" label on goods produced in Israeli communities in the West Bank. Not surprisingly, President Obama supports the EU's anti-Semitic decision, saying his administration does not consider labeling products equivalent to a boycott, and that he "does not consider settlements to be part of Israel" anyway.

"We do not believe that labeling the origin of products is equivalent to a boycott," said State Department spokesman Mark Toner.

"And as you know, we do not consider settlements to be part of Israel."

Yes, we know full well what the president thinks of Israel full stop. But the truth is, Obama can consider or not consider the status of "settlements" all day long, it does naught to change the fact that Israel is within its right, by international law (despite what sites even as innocuous-seeming as Wikipedia would lead people to believe), to maintain communities in all regions under so-called "dispute."

Not that facts ever mattered to Israel-haters. 

The EU's "subtle" move to label Israeli products in such a way that leads consumers to view Israel as a colonialist, occupying force in its own land is of course being downplayed in the usual ways. 

The Obama administration made certain to point out that the EU's objective is simply to "provide EU consumers correct information on the origin of products, as required by EU law" (insinuating Europe cares about upholding "laws" while Israel does not) and that both the US and EU "oppose outright boycotts of Israel" (a throw-away statement intended to make the perpetrators seem reasonable if not outright defenders of Israel, thus shielding them from criticism). 

The anti-Semitism of today is far more insidious than that of yesteryear. In the so-called "civilized world" it is manifested not through blatant Holocaust-era caricatures depicting Jews as descendants of apes and swine, but rather through disproportionate criticism and stigmatization of Israel at the economic, academic and diplomatic level. Moves like that of the EU and the Obama administration offer perfect examples of the more underhanded ways in which anti-Semitism is allowed to gain credence within the international community. To the average person unfamiliar with historic facts, it is far too subtle to detect and far too reasonable-seeming to reject.