NYU SJP Launches Petition Against 'Zionist Lies and Slander'

"Sign this petition to show your support for campus activism and to tell Zionist groups on NYU's campus that fear mongering and intimidation will not silence us."

The New York University chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, which littered two dorm rooms on campus with anti-Semitic flyers on Thursday morning, has launched a petition to rally support against "the outright Zionist lies and slander" which came in response to their behavior:




The petition calls for individuals to "stand in solidarity with NYU SJP." Many Jewish students felt targeted by the groups' mock eviction notices which alleged that Israel ethnically cleanses non-Jews and the claim that the Israeli government has a process known as 'Judaization.' Despite this fact, NYU SJP claims that "opposing policies and racist rhetoric, including anti-Semitism, is vital."

The text of the petition asks for people to show solidarity with the organization:

NYU Community and Beyond 

Support our group and show solidarity with the movement for justice, human rights, liberation and self-determination for the Palestinian people.

[Your name]