NYT's Charles Blow: Criticism of Executive Orders Another Attempt to ‘Other’ Obama

New York Times columnist Charles Blow believes the “Republican messaging machine” is up to its sinister denigration of President Obama again, this time using their claims of his abuse of executive orders as another “scurrilous” meme intended to “defame” and “other” America’s first black president. Or, to put it more directly, calling out Obama for his abuse of executive orders is ultimately racist. 

The Republican messaging machine is at it again, cranking out scurrilous memes that defame the president and distract from the party’s inaction.

The latest talking point is that the president is a “lawless” “dictator” hellbent on operating outside, and indeed above, the law.

This is not a particularly new line of attack. Conservatives have been using some variation of the lawlessness theme for some time to refer to the president’s actions, particularly to the administration’s adjustments to the Affordable Care Act.

But the distillation and repetition of the word “lawless” gathered new steam last month when the president signaled that he would work with Congress where he could but would issue executive orders, to the extent that he could, when he was stymied by Congress.

Blow’s point: All this disingenuous talk of “lawlessness” is just another way of portraying Obama as something “other” than previous presidents and, more importantly, the American population.

This lawlessness talk is simply another iteration of the “othering” of this president. Paint him as a criminal, an enemy to the rule of law, and by extension, to the construct of America. America is, after all, a nation of laws.