NYT Cartoon Instructs Readers on Stabbing Climate-Change Deniers to Death

The New York Times published a cartoon in its opinion section Sunday that ends by providing helpful instruction on stabbing “climate-change deniers” to death.

The cartoon, “Strategies for Dealing With the 2014 Icicle Surplus,” created by Michael Kupperman and David Rees, is a mock public service announcement from the U.S. Department of Commerce. It provides a few (strangely unfunny) uses of surplus icicles, courtesy of the string of freezing weather in the north, including the repurposing of the icicles as “local hydration devices,” doorstops, and dog toys.

The top portion of the final panel, however, reveals what seems to be the strip's true punch line: “Self-Destructing Sabers for Dispatching Climate-Change Deniers.” The image depicts a woman using an icicle to stab a man in a suit saying, “If global warming isn’t a hoax, how do you explain all these icicl—OUCH!!”

 H/T Jack Coleman.