NYT Announces Web Redesign Amidst Falling Profits, Morale

Rather than stop being biased, it will just change fonts

The New York Times announced its first web page redesign since 2006 Wednesday, a move it said was only the beginning of several changes to NYTimes.com. In an announcement at the top of its landing page, the Times wrote:

The New York Times introduces today a new design for NYTimes.com, its first since April 2006. The images are larger, the layout and typography are cleaner and the site navigation is better. More enhancements will follow.

The Times billed the redesign as being designed to enhance the readers time on the site with a more “immersive experience”:

A more immersive reading experience? We’re glad you asked. We’ve streamlined our article pages and created a more responsive interface with faster load times. So navigating between stories is easier and finding more content that appeals to you is just a click, swipe or tap away.

The redesign comes just months after the New York Times Company posted quarterly losses of $24 million, and a mass exodus of high profile staff that led many outlets to decry the Times's “brain drain”.

Whether a new look will help save the site, and company, remains to be seen. But without changing its content, it is unlikely that the Times will be able to recover from its downward spiral.