NY Times Touts Cool, Hipster Palestinians -- Palestinian Interview Subject Irate

He says his interview was taken out of context to make white people feel better.

The New York Times, so obsessed with painting Israel as oppressors of Palestinians who, at the end of the day, are really "just like you and me," has now drawn the ire of the very subjects it claims to champion. 

A recent ludicrous NY Times piece attempts to show a "new wave" of Palestinian hipsters in Haifa, Israel, clad with tattoos, body piercings, and so-called progressive attitudes towards women and homosexuals. The only problem is that the interview subject the author used as poster child for this "new kind of Palestinian" is upset that 90% of his interview was cut out of the article in an attempt to make him look acceptable to "white people."

The watchdog group Honest Reporting notes that Ayed Fadel, the main interview subject in the Times' article, is far from not being obssesed with the Israel-Palestinian conflict and is far from the liberal ideal he was painted to be. 

"They were among the many coifed, pierced and tattooed women and men who populate a slice of Haifa’s social scene that resembles that of the well-heeled hipsters of Tel Aviv," the Times article stated. "But here the cool kids are Palestinians, and they have unfurled a self-consciously Arab milieu that is secular, feminist and gay-friendly."

Fadel, who was quoted at length in the article, recently posted on Facebook how his interview was taken out of context and that 90% of what he said omitted entirely. 

I actually found this piece disturbing. It refers to certain aspects and neglects so many others that I personally mentioned during the interview, it portrays the modern Palestinian in a “Western” image that comforts white readers and make them say, “oh, they’re just like us!” Well no, we’re nothing like them, in fact, we’re very different and deep into the shit, and having to portray us in this image is insulting.

A snapshot of how Fadel actually thinks and behaves is laid out in the following Facebook posts: 



Fadel went on to slam the Times, saying:

…there are so many points missing, crucial ones, that the lack of them make this article shallow, offensive and degrading. Plus on that 90% of the interview we were talking about how the culture of the cultural resistance is growing…

I don’ know if what I am writing now is even enough to cover all what have been written in this article, but hopefully that could explain the situation and make it more clear that it was another trap by the white media, that is always trying to show us as the cool yay hipsters full of tattoos and piercings – far away from the grounded reality that we are facing and fighting every day!

Fadel’s views on Israel somehow did not enter into the Times article at all.  We can't say we're surprised.