NY Teachers Union Blocks Heroin Investigation at Elementary School

"There could be little 4-year-olds being taught by somebody who is apparently addicted to heroin."

At the advice of the teachers union, seven of the eight elementary teachers involved in an investigation into heroin bags and needles found recently in a Fallsburg, NY, elementary school refused last week to cooperate with authorities, refusing to take drug tests and hiring attorneys. 

From Westchester News:

FALLSBURG - Police say that heroin has been found inside the faculty bathroom of a Hudson Valley elementary school.

Drugs, needles and empty bags were allegedly discovered in December, and again last week, in the men's room at the Benjamin Cosor Elementary School in the Sullivan County town of Fallsburg.

Eight staff members are now reportedly under investigation after they were spotted on surveillance video outside the bathroom. [...]

Police say only one staff member gave a urine sample. Seven other workers initially agreed to give samples, but then refused after hiring attorneys at the advice of the teachers union.

Though the surveillance videos give the authorities good cause to demand the drug test and despite the dire threat posed to the children at the elementary school, the teachers union advised its members to refuse to cooperate.

None of the teachers have been removed from the classroom.

Commenting on the case Thursday, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly stressed the immediate threat the situation posed to the children:

This is all little ones, and someone in their school is shooting up heroin, and the unions seem much more interesting in protecting the due process rights – which I agree are relevant here – of the teachers than in protecting the safety and lives – also relevant – of the little ones...

There could be little 4-year-olds being taught by somebody who is apparently addicted to heroin.