NY School Offers Fake Report Card with 'Good' Grades to Show Kids

The school wanted to care for the "emotional needs of those students who are really trying very hard."

A private school in New York offered parents the option of showing their children a report card with higher grades that will be more "encoraging" for the students.

School officials at Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island say the Jan. 8 letter was not an offer to change real grades, but simply an option for parents to show their youngsters a more encouraging set.

"Since our goal is to share accurate information with the parents, and not to discourage or hurt a student, great discretion must be used before allowing your child to view his report card," the letter read.

"If after reviewing the enclosed report card, you would like us to develop a second version of this report card for your son with higher grades, [notify the school]," it continued.

The memo was signed by Rabbi Tzvi Krigsman, who told Fox News, "Our point was to make sure we had honest grading but at the same time took care of the emotional needs of those students who are really trying very hard."

"We want to be able to create something where parents know the truth and students don’t become discouraged," he said. "Unfortunately, in hindsight, the letter was not written as clearly as it should have been."