NY Gubernatorial Candidate: I WIll Repeal The SAFE Act

Cuomo took away your rights, why don’t you take away his job.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino is telling New York that if he is elected the next governor of New York, he will repeal the SAFE Act. 

“If I am elected governor, I will repeal the SAFE Act.  (Gov. Cuomo) took away your rights, why don’t you take away his job,” he said to a crowd at a gun show in Saratoga Springs." 

Astorino believes the reason why Andrew Cuomo passed the SAFE Act was nothing more than a spur of the moment reaction to the Sandy Hook shooting and does nothing but infringe on the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

"The SAFE Act did nothing to make us safer. All it did was get a headline for the governor and demonize law-abiding citizens who did nothing wrong with guns,” said Astorino.

Still, Cuomo stands behind his decision to sign the SAFE Act into law.  According to CBS 6 news,

“Governor Andrew Cuomo. in response, is expected to unleash $10 million worth of television ads, bashing Astorino, labeling him as "extreme right-wing." The New York Post is reporting that the ads will take aim at his "ultra-conservative" views on abortion, gay marriage, and gun ownership rights. But many at the Saratoga Springs Arms Fair say they want to see the SAFE Act disappear.”

According to Guns.com,

“If the well-heeled Cuomo, who has amassed $33 million to spend on his campaign, fails to get re-elected in 2014, many will point to his involvement with the SAFE Act as a major reason why.”