NY Fashion Designer Debuts Anti-Trump, Pro-Militant Menswear Line

#Fight Fascism

The fall/winter 2017 menswear shows for New York Fashion Week began on Monday, and like everything else the left touches, it became politicized.

LifeNews reports that New York-based designer Robert James debuted a collection that was unmistakably, “decidedly militant in tone” in order to “create clothes that felt like armor.” The look screams "Occupy radical chic."

If that wasn't enough to drive home the message that rioting and terrorism are hip now in the silly, airy world of fashion, James had his models carry protest signs with heavy-handed, anti-Trump messaging.

One sign read, in the Orwellian doublethink at which the left so excels, “Planned Parenthood Saves Lives.”

Other signs included these predictably progressive messages:

  • “#Bridges Not Walls”
  • “#Refugees Welcome”
  • “#Free Science”
  • “I’m Addicted to Foreign Oil”
  • “#Fight Fascism”
  • “#Not My Govt”
  • “A Lie Is A Lie”
  • “Men Wear BRJ More Than Any Other Brand #AlternativeFacts”
  • “#No Nuke”

LifeNews also reported that the fashion designer’s exhibition included another sign reading, “As the world turns dark around us, the use of clothing as protection becomes more literal than ever.”

Protection from whom? The only ones waging terroristic violence in America today are the radical leftists themselves and their Islamic partners in crime.




By Robert James at men's fashion week @newyorkmensday My Name S America and I am Addicted to Foreign Oil! @mensfashionweekny

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A photo posted by By Robert James (@byrobertjames) on


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