NY Daily News Knocks Palin's Trump Endorsement

"Hate minds think alike…"

Last Friday, liberal tabloid The New York Daily News hammered Ted Cruz on its cover with a less-than-polite hand gesture from the Statue of Liberty telling the Republican candidate to "drop dead" for his comments about the city's lack of conservative values. 

And on Wednesday, the paper was at it again with a comment on the latest news in the Republican Party, the announcement of Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump for president. With a picture of Palin pointing towards Trump, the headline reads, "I'm with stupid!"

The tagline digs deeper:

Hate minds think alike: Palin endorses Trump.

During her speech following the announcement, Palin said a President Trump would mean no more apologies from America.

"No more pussy-footing around," she said.

Though Palin has aligned herself with Cruz in elections past, her announcement has provided plenty of media fodder as Cruz and Trump battle it out in Iowa. Cruz hinted that an endorsement away form him wouldn't be a big problem.

"Regardless of what Sarah intends to do in 2016, I will remain a big, big fan of Sarah Palin," the Texas senator said.

The New York Post ran with a pun for it's headline, saying, "Sarah, Donald make love in Iowa:"