NY Daily News Disparages Trump, Supporters: 'Mindless Zombies'

Because pro-Bernie socialists who don't even know what the word "socialist" actually means ARE SO MUCH BETTER.

The New York Daily News has been steadily mounting attacks on Donald Trump and his supporters, culminating in Wednesday's feature cover likening Trump to Batman villain "The Joker" and disparaging his supporters as mindless zombies. 

The cover title, which reads: "Dawn of the Brain Dead," is the latest derision the news outlet conjured up. 

"Clown comes back to life with N.H. win as mindless zombies turn out in droves," reads the headline's subtitle. 



Yes, Daily News, because the pro-socialist throng supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose members cannot even define the word "socialist" when asked, are so much better. ​

It is certainly fair game to criticize in a serious, thoughtful manner the policies, words and deeds of any presidential contender. It is even fair game to expose supporters' ignorance concerning certain issues relevant to these campaigns. But launching such vicious personal attacks, however, only further divides the country and rewards the base elements of our nature.