Number of Ex-Gitmo Detainees Rejoining Jihad Doubles

No shock there.

In the last six months alone, the number of released Guantanamo Bay terrorists returning to active jihad has doubled, Reuters reports.

On Monday the Obama administration confirmed that since January 12 Gitmo prisoners have rejoined the ranks of terrorism against the West. This stark increase, reports Reuters, could fuel the GOP's attack on President Obama's plan to shutter the installation.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon has still drawn up a plan, which requires approval by Congress, proposing 13 potential US-based sites on which to transfer 30-60 of the terror-detainees:

The closure plan faces strong opposition from lawmakers who do not want detainees transferred to the United States. The United States took control of part of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba in 1903 under a treaty with the Havana government.

Obama has pressed the Republican-led legislature to give his proposal a "fair hearing" and said he did not want to pass the issue to his successor in January. He is also considering executive action to close the facility.

Republican Representative Ed Royce, chairman of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, introduced a measure that would force the administration to publicize plans for transfers from Guantanamo.

Four other Republicans, Senators Richard Burr, Kelly Ayotte, Tom Cotton and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, also introduced a bill that would bar Obama from returning the naval base at Guantanamo to Cuba without authorization from Congress. 

As the GOP continues to use the primary season to tear itself apart from asunder, it should remember that the real threat to our country and way of life is the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 presidential election.