Nolte: Media Doesn’t Want the Real Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

“This kind of sloppy reporting and parroting of Obama talking points has defined our media since the day Barack Obama became a national figure.”

Breitbart’s John Nolte called out the media Wednesday for acting as the mouthpiece for the administration by promoting what they know to be false Obamacare enrollment figures and refusing to press the White House for the real numbers.

The industry standard definition for an enrollee in insurance is someone who has actually paid the first month’s premium. Citing multiple reports from insurance companies, Nolte estimates that “anywhere from 95% to 50% of those the White House are counting as enrolled have not paid.” 

The numbers the White House and its mouthpiece media are using do not fall under the accepted or standard definition of "enrollee." We are being told 2.2 million enrolled when the truth is that 2.2 million only went as far as to place a health plan in their shopping cart. How many of those 2.2 million are truly enrolled is a number the White House isn't releasing and the media are not publicly pressuring them to release.

Nolte highlights the obvious head-in-the-sand posture of the media, as they refuse to take the simple step they always take when they actually want to pull back the curtain: apply pressure.

If the mainstream media wanted the true enrollment figure, they could easily do what they always do when they want something: coordinate a narrative throughout every media outlet that pressures the administration to release the numbers and criticizes them for not doing so.

Instead, they accept their official White House talking points, promote numbers they know are inflated, and hope that they can prop up the signature legislative achievement of the president they worked so hard to elect.