NoCal Shooter was Prohibited to Own Guns, Made Illegal Guns at Home

But another law could’ve have stopped him, right?

The talk of the town in Washington D.C. is more gun laws, as if one more piece of expensive legislation would stop a criminal bent on murder and destruction. Proving their point entirely moot is the recent Northern California mass shooting that ended with five killed, many injured, including elementary school children, and the gunman dead.

Investigators now say that the deceased shooter, identified as Keven Neal, didn’t obtain his rifles legally. Shocker!

Here’s what Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston of Tehama County said:

“These firearms are manufactured illegally, we believe, by him at his home. They were obtained in an illegal manner, not through a legal process. They're not registered."

As the Associated Press reported, Neal was also “prohibited from having guns as part of [a] restraining order.”

So, that’s owning illegally manufactured firearms, not registering them, making illegal weapons at home, and possessing guns while labeled a domestic abuser  — all laws already on the books. And yet, the Left believes just one more gun law might’ve been the thing that stopped this killer.

In addition to breaking several weapons laws, Neal also broke the murder law five times, beginning with his wife, and inflicted serious injuries on others, as KCRA reported:

Officers were looking for Neal's wife at their home on Bobcat Lane, and during the service of the search warrant, her body was found hidden under the floor of the home, Johnston said. She had likely died as a result of several gunshot wounds.

"We believe that's probably what started this whole event," Johnston said…

Although there were no children killed in the shooting, one student was shot at the school and was taken to UC Davis Medical Center in critical condition, Johnston said Wednesday morning.

He was in a classroom and was shot twice -- once in the chest and once in the foot -- as bullets pierced the walls of the building, Corning Unified School District superintendent Richard Fitzpatrick said.

A second child and a woman were also shot inside a truck as they drove past the gunman, Johnston said. The boy inside the truck suffered non-life-threatening wounds, and the woman had serious, life-threatening injuries, Johnston said.

There were fourteen victims of the shooting rampage, including seven children. Four children were injured at the school. They're injuries ranged from very minor to the life-threatening injury of the boy who was shot inside the classroom, according to Johnston.

A 2-year-old was injured at a nearby park, but that child's injuries were non-life-threatening.

Investigators said the domestic dispute/murder started the rampage and then the shooter drove off “randomly picking targets” and ended up at the elementary school in hopes of achieving mass casualties. Police credit the quick thinking of parents dropping off their kids of warning teachers inside the school to go on lockdown. There were seven shooting scenes in all. Neal was shot dead by police officers.