No Talks Between Trump Camp and Secret Service: Reuters

CNN made up story, says Trump

Despite claims by CNN, aka the Clinton News Network, that the Secret Service had talked to Donald Trump about his second amendment comments which liberals claim was an invitation to enact violence against Hillary Clinton, Reuters is reporting that no such talks happened. CNN ran with the story Wednesday as the Trump camp claimed his comments were being misinterpreted by the media.

Regardless of the interpretation, Reuters says the Secret Service did not have that chat with the Trump campaign:

Following Trump's comment at a rally on Tuesday in which he suggested that gun rights activists could stop Clinton from appointing liberal anti-gun justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, a federal official familiar with the matter told Reuters that there had been no formal conversations between the Secret Service and the Trump campaign.

Earlier CNN had reported that there had been multiple conversations between the campaign and the agency.

Trump mocked CNN on Twitter, not only for making up the story, but for their low ratings.