No Joke: Finnish TV Spot Teaches Women How Not to Get Raped By Migrants

If this is how women are being taught to protect themselves, Europe is done.

No. Sadly, this is not a joke nor a satirical sketch on a late-night comedy program. What you are about to watch is a so-called "educational video" by Finnish media. This is Finland's weak, ineffective attempt to teach women how not to get raped by migrants. Of course it would be "Islamophobic" to actually feature migrants in the video, so none make an appearance. Rather, the "rapist" in this dramatization is a white male. 

So how does this video suggest women fend off the barbarian hordes bent on violating them? Hold out their hands in a "stop signal" way and then beat said barbarian with a handbag. 

We are shocked the video's creators did not suggest women carry around a dog whistle or, as one viewer suggested, simply start jingling their keys to scare the would-be-rapists away. 

The spinelessness on display is breathtaking in scope and leaves viewers wondering who on earth actually thought this public service video was in any way shape or form, a good idea. One thing is clear, however. If this is how the community believes it should be fending off migrant rapists, Europe is in far more trouble than we even thought possible.