No Hate Crime Charges for BLM Teens Who Allegedly Assaulted Marine

"They targeted me because of my skin color."

The Black Lives Matters teens who were arrested for allegedly assaulting a Marine veteran at a Washington D.C. McDonalds will not be charged with a hate crime. The two teenagers asked their victim if "black lives matter" and called him a "racist."

Former Sgt. Christopher Marquez was knocked unconscious outside a D.C. McDonald’s after he was approached by a group of teenagers demanding he respond to the question “Do black lives matter?” After Marquez didn’t answer, three of the teens, two males and one female, reportedly called him a “racist,” knocked him unconscious and robbed him. The female suspect and one of the male suspects were arrested.

When Marquez regained consciousness, he found his pants ripped and his wallet missing. His wallet contained $400, three credit cards, a Veterans Administration ID card, credit cards and his driver's license.

“I’m telling this to everybody because it’s been happening a lot around here and across our country. It was a hate crime. They targeted me because of my skin color,” Marquez told Fox News Thursday.

One female and one male teenager was arrested. The male was charged with aggravated assault the female was charged with pickpocketing.

The Blaze writes, "But Marquez suggested to Fox News in a follow-up interview Tuesday that the suspects should have been charged with a hate crime, given their alleged racial motivation."

“I believe that I should get the same type of protection as other people in this country,” Marquez said. “We all know that if this were the other way around, it would be considered a hate crime automatically.”