'No Gun Allowed' Sign Prominently Displayed at FedEx Shooting Location

A FedEx package handler opened fire at the “gun free” FedEx station in Atlanta, Georgia, wounding six people – three in critical condition – before killing himself. 

A photo obtained by gunssavelives.net, shows an image that has been a focal point for many pro-gun supporters – that is, “gun free zones” invite deranged gun users because of an easy target with little danger.  In all the chaos in the parking lot of the facility, a “no guns allowed” sign is prominently displayed on the front window. 

The gunmen opened up with a shotgun and, according to Cobb County Police Sgt. Dana Pierce, “That was the only weapon that he had at that time.” 

Due to the nature of the gun used (not being a semi-automatic rifle), the mainstream media is not reporting the story because it does not fit their narrative.