No Clinton in Movie on Benghazi

Hil absent from 13 Hours flick

Michael Bay, the Hollywood director of Transformers fame, promised that the about-to-be-released movie 13 Hours would be his "most real" movie to date. And while Bay's telling of the terrorist attack on American diplomatic posts on September 11, 2012 appears to tell the gritty story of what happened on the ground, the politics - including any mention of Hillary Clinton - has been stripped from the movie, according to The New York Times:

Still, Mr. Bay shared the conviction of the operatives, Mr. Zuckoff and Erwin Stoff, a producer of the film, that partisan politics should generally be avoided. Hillary Clinton, who was secretary of state when the attack took place — and who has been harshly criticized by Republicans who have tried to tie the attack to what they contend was her mismanagement — is never mentioned. President Obama is only a fleeting voice in “13 Hours.” (Mr. Bay’s mother, whom he said is a close observer of national politics, urged him not to do the film at all.)

In hours of Congressional testimony, Mrs. Clinton has accepted general responsibility for security at the compound, but has said that specific decisions about its protection were made by her department’s security professionals.

Clinton is also central to the story of what happened during and after the attacks because it was her department that refused to respond to Defense Department offers to mount a rescue, her department that blamed a YouTube video when addressing the public even as Clinton told her own daughter it was a terrorist attack as the events were still unfolding.

Hillary Clinton has received a pass from the mainstream media for her handling of the Benghazi attacks since they happened; now she is getting a pass from Hollywood.