No Blankets For The Homeless... In Public!

or boxes, sleeing bags, tents...

A “camping” ordinance passed this past summer in Pensacola, Florida that would ban the homeless from using covers in public. 

It states that a person maybe not be:

"adjacent to or inside a tent or sleeping bag, or atop and/or covered by materials such as a bedroll, cardboard, newspapers, or inside some form of temporary shelter."

The idea behind the ordinance is that “camping” in public is a health hazard as well as “bad look” for Pensacola.

But now, the people of Pensacola are outraged and have pressed the city council to reconsider especially amidst the low temperatures hitting Florida due to the horrendous weather plaguing the east coast.  Tweets, Facebook posts, emails, and even a petition have been started to help push the reconsideration. 

A statement released last week by Mayor Ashton J. Hayward, who originally supported the ordinance, said, “after reflecting and praying on this issue,” he now supports changing the ordinance.

The city council that originally voted the ordinance 6-3 now has to vote again.  But nothing is set in stone. 

According to,

“The current camping ban has garnered attention outside the Florida Panhandle. A petition that calls for a repeal of the ordinance has received over 10,000 signatures since its creation a few weeks ago.”