NJ Man Tells Senate Committee 'We Will Not Comply'

"We vote and they don't, remember that."

The Founder of the New Jersey “I Will Not Comply” chapter addressed a committee to inform them he and others will not comply with the new Senate bill restricting the number of rounds in a magazine from 15 to 10.

Anthony Colandro, who boasts an impressive resume as a co-host of Gun For Hire radio, Executive Vice-President of the NJ NRA affiliate organization, The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc., and owner of a shooting range/training facility, asked the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee if they “thought about the lost revenue when you have to start incarcerating 'ten thousand, or one hundred thousand, or a million law-abiding tax paying citizens?'”  Mr. Colandro then proceeded to give them a lesson in basic economics.

He said;

It will cost $54,000 a year to incarcerate a real criminal.  So if only 10% of legal gun owners stand with me, it will cost the state five hundred and fifty million dollars a year to house us in some sort of internment camp, or I would not be surprised if you released the real felons to make room for us in the penitentiaries. 

He continued by explaining to the panel that it did not take into account the lost revenue of turning thousands of law-abiding citizens into felons, which in turn would cause the state to lose millions of dollars in taxes. In addition, there would be the problem of the ‘felons’ not being able to receive a job on account of their record, which would cause them to become dependent on the state, causing more money to be spent and requiring higher taxes.