New Statesman Editor Finds Silver Lining in London Terror Attack: Diversity of Victims

This is your brain on multiculturalism.

You have to hand it to George Eaton, political editor of the UK's leftist New Statesman. While most reasonable human beings were appalled and disturbed by Wednesday's terror attack in London that claimed four lives and twenty-nine injured -- seven "critically" -- Eaton managed to find a bright spot: the "magnificent diversity" of the terrorist's victims.

Today, after having had a full day to ponder the significance of this bold attack on the very doorstep of Parliament, the only apparent conclusion Eaton came to -- or at least, the only one that suited his political perspective -- was that the attack by a Muslim terrorist had a glorious upside:

What a beautiful thing: a veritable rainbow of multicultural diversity, all laid out on the London roadway after being targeted by a fanatical killer of a decidedly unicultural bent, fundamentalist Islam. Funny how Eaton didn't have anything to say about how the left's elevation of "diversity" to a virtual religion has resulted in Europe being infected with innumerable enemies like the terrorist who mowed down that lovely spectrum of Londoners.

Shortly before that profoundly idiotic tweet, Eaton tweeted this tepid attempt at inspiration:

Didn't succeed? Londoners are supposed to be comforted by that? Of COURSE he succeeded. He killed and severely injured many innocents right outside Parliament. He spread terror. It's not necessary to behead the Prime Minister and raise the black flag of ISIS over Westminster Abbey for a terrorist to succeed (although if he did, Eaton would no doubt look for an upside to it).

When London's Muslim mayor declared blandly and unoriginally, in a statement delivered nearly six hours after the attack, that "Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism," Eaton sycophantically called it a "powerful response" and said London is "fortunate to have him."

A powerful response? It's the standard response every one of Europe's political elites -- and a few of America's -- always say after yet another Islamic terror attack that they did nothing to prevent: "We refuse to be cowed." Fortunate to have him? In what way? This is the same mayor who shrugged that suffering terrorism is just part and parcel of living in a big city. That's not exactly Churchillian in its defiance.

Eaton's shameful and cowardly tweets are all very typical and revealing of the European cultural and political elite's willful blindness about their failed multiculturalist embrace of Islam, even in the very aftermath of violent jihad.