New Star Trek Cast Jumps - or Kneels - on the Protest Bandwagon

“Ah well. I'll never watch this show again. Thanks for ruining it for many of us.”

Star Trek: Discovery, the latest in the decades-old franchise, is trying way too hard to bring Earth politics into their show. Klingon parallels to Trump have been evident to many who watch the show, despite what CBS says. Then we've got the off-screen nonsense.

Star Jason Isaacs has a Twitter feed full of typically left-wing platitudes like “Actually I hold Trump in contempt. Not for his politics(?), but for his racism, misogyny and narcissistic cruelty. And I don't like bullies.” With recent events being what they are, he jumped on that bandwagon, too. On Sunday, one of his Tweets included “If I could take one knee on the bridge [of the starship] I would.”

Later that night, the night of the premiere, the show's lead actress Sonequa Martin-Green posted a photo on Instagram of the cast doing just that.


#StarTrekDiscovery #takeaknee

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Replies included, “Well i have been a Treki for 40 years but this ended that... Act we don't care about your political opinion. But if u chose to share it and it's this be prepared to be shunned,” and “Ah well. I'll never watch this show again. Thanks for ruining it for many of us.”

Living in the Hollywood bubble, actors seem to forget that they rely on people of all different values to tune in. Or maybe they just didn't want to be outdone by The X-Files cast when it comes to virtue-signaling in space. It's a tough market.

How brave of these Hollywood stars to come out publicly as leftists! Congratulations on going along with the approved opinion of nearly everyone else in your bubble.