New Southpark Parody Skewers Victimhood

“Find out if your friends should be more sympathetic towards you!”

In a new parody ad, the libertarian creators of Comedy Central's animated South Park lampoon the absurd victimhood hysteria sweeping the country.

Thankfully, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have refused to join the ranks of leftist Hollywood, preferring to remain equal-opportunity offenders. The video, comprised of a minute-long satirical commercial, reveals a new form of DNA testing that detects the portion of a person’s racial identity which qualifies him or her as a victim.

The cartoon profiles various, seemingly Caucasian characters who are overjoyed to learn that they can now wear persecution as a badge.

A blonde woman at the gym celebrates: “Turns out, I’m not totally white— I’m also part Northern Asian and  even some Kurdish; I’m a victim of oppression!”

An employee sitting at his desk boasts: “I used to get in trouble for always using the N-word. But with DNA and Me, I found out that I’m 2.1% black!…What’s up, n***a!”

“I’m 13% victim!” a passing jogger chimes in. “I’m 21% victim!” a painter happily announces.

The commercial concludes with this appealing invitation: “Order now, and find out if your friends should be more sympathetic towards you!”

For a good laugh, but also a poignant reminder of where we’re headed, watch the video above. (Warning: there’s some strong language inferred.)