New 'Saving Barack Obama' Posters Hit The Streets Of LA

"a Steven Spielberg ploy"

A parody of the Saving Private Ryan movie poster has been popping up all over Los Angeles. The parody posters read “Saving Barack Obama” and appears to be part of a larger campaign protesting Obama's policies.

The poster coincides with Obama’s trip to Los Angeles where he will be accepting an award for his humanitarian deeds from Spielberg. The poster describes the fake film as "a Steven Spielberg ploy" and the tag line reads “the mission is a fraud.”

On either side of the president's silhouette are his trademark teleprompters.

Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation is honoring Obama because his “commitment to democracy and human rights has long been felt.”  

Spielberg, who started the Foundation, praised Obama as both a scholar and statesman, saying, “as a constitutional scholar and as president, his interest in expanding justice and opportunity for all is remarkably evident. “ 

Spielberg wasn’t the only one singing Obama’s praise. The foundation's executive director Stephen D. Smith called Obama a "passionate advocate" of humanitarianism:

“President Obama is a passionate advocate of causes that embody the work of the institute. We are honored to have his participation at a time when memory is becoming history, and Americans take on the responsibility to remember and act with conscience.” 

The honor is being bestowed upon him in large part because of Obama's appointment of a special envoy for Holocaust survivors. As Spielberg puts it, “the president's recent appointment of the first special envoy for Holocaust Survivor Services in United States history demonstrates his stanch commitment to honoring the past while building a better future.”

But this is obviously not sitting well with the unknown artist who has filled cities with messages against the Obama administration.  Right now, the “Saving Barack Obama” posters can be seen surrounding Avenue of the Stars, which is in the direct vicinity where Obama will be receiving his award.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The artwork is part of a larger campaign by anonymous street artists who are filling cities with political messages that oppose the administration. Images with the president golfing and the headline “subpar” appeared in various cities throughout the PGA tour, including at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Ga.

The advertisements for “Saving Obama” are currently running in the areas surrounding Avenue of the Stars, including across from the Century Plaza Hotel, where Obama will receive his award