New Mizzou Vice Chancellor Has Had Enough of Campus Protestor Demands

"the time for demands, threats and arbitrary deadlines is over"

The Interim Vice Chancellor of University of Missouri said he will not be caving into the demands of the African American activists issuing ultimatums to the university administration.

Interim Vice Chancellor Chuck Henson, whose portfolio includes inclusion, diversity and equity, wrote a letter to Concerned Student 1950 Thursday, telling the group to stop making demands and work with the school to make things better.

"If you sincerely want better relationships, the time for demands, threats and arbitrary deadlines is over — you don't need them," Henson wrote. 

One of the demands from the group include an “academic bankruptcy program” in which students could delete one bad semester’s grades from their records, reports The College Fix. Other demands include, "the hiring of more black faculty, $250,000 to expand the Black Cultural Center with a 'Liberation House,' and a statue of civil rights activist Lloyd Gaines in the Carnahan Quadrangle."

But Henson thinks the demands are unrealistic.

"There are things, like hiring faculty or staff, or admitting students based on protected characteristics to meet a numerical target, will not and cannot be done," Henson wrote. "It is against state and federal law. It also is a bad model for a sustainable community."

The UM interim president supported Henson's response to the protestors. "The time for demands has passed," he told the Missourian, the school’s newspaper.

Earlier demands on the administration included ex-university president Tim Wolfe's apology and resignation, which they got. Can you blame them for continuing to make demands?