New Mexico Official Threatens to Build Wall to Stop Trump’s Wall

Not a big fan of national security, apparently.

A land commissioner in New Mexico is threatening to put up a fence to block the federal government from erecting President Trump’s promised border wall, claiming violation of trespassing laws.

Aubrey Dunn is seeking an agreement over an easement, according to The Washington Times, and if one isn’t reached, “he will install a fence to block access” to a “one-mile stretch of state trust land.”

“I’m shutting down the federal government just as I would shut down any business trespassing on state trust lands,” said Dunn. “Border security is important, but so are our kids and they have a right to collect the money earned from the lands they own.”

On Tuesday, Dunn used caution tape to block the land and posted signs advising against trespassing and told the Associated Press, “There’s been quite a bit of federal encroachment.”

The Times adds:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it is evaluating Dunn’s concerns. The agency said in a statement Tuesday that part of the strategy for securing the border includes developing and leveraging partnerships with state and local stakeholders.

There were no reports that operations had been interrupted Tuesday after Dunn put up the signage and cordoned off the road with tape, the agency said.

As it turns out, Dunn is running for the U.S. Senate as a Libertarian. He was elected as land commissioner in 2014 as a Republican. He has had other political aspirations with his sites set on governor of New Mexico and Congress. It seems Dunn is willing to risk national security for a little free publicity for his campaign.