New Katy Perry PSA: Warning! Trump Bringing Back Internment Camps

She can sing AND she's a history scholar? Is there nothing she can't do??

Once again, pop sensation Katy Perry is adding her voice (or money, actually) to politics with what The Washington Post called a “chilling PSA against creating a database of Muslims in the country.”

The Hillary Clinton sycophant executive-produced the #DontNormalizeHate-tagged campaign ahead of her promised attendance at the Women’s March on Washington to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

Perry was thanked for this “labor of love” by one of the directors, Aya Tanimura, who said, “We all came together with the singular goal of making an artistic, emotional, real and honest statement that could start a discourse amongst people and elucidate the importance of being united given the currently political climate.”

The 2:42 video hopes to make a connection between what happened in 1942 during the Japanese internment camps and Trump’s call for a way to ensure dangerous Muslims aren’t pouring across U.S. borders. 

A woman, obviously wearing an aging prosthetic, introduces herself as Haru Kuromiya, 89, who tells the story of her father being picked up by the FBI and her family being put on a registry and moved by train to an internment camp. After the brief story, the woman removes her glasses and begins to peel away the mask to reveal a Pakistani Muslim woman, actress Hina Khan, who dramatically states, “Don’t let history repeat itself.”

A message flashes across the screen: “A Muslim registry is the first step in repeating history. Don’t turn against each other out of fear.”

This isn’t the first time internment camp fear-mongering has been utilized and connected to Trump’s campaign rhetoric. CNN interviewed real women who were in the Japanese camps as children in the ‘40s and used their stories to sow fear that history was going to repeat itself.

However, a registry isn’t something Trump ever suggested, as he noted in a tweet in 2015, but that “a reporter did.” When that NBC News reporter asked if a “Muslim database” should be in place, Trump said, “We should have a lot of systems” to ensure Muslims, or any immigrants, aren’t coming in illegally.  

As the video has spread, the directors have received some support for the video's message, but others think what they're implying is quite a stretch from what happened in history, a small "difference" they said they are “happy to acknowledge.” (Yet, produced anyway.)