A New Front in the Battle Against Al Sharpton

Harlem pastors reject Al Sharpton as 'leader of the black community'

Truth Revolt launched one week ago today with a special focus on the racist Al Sharpton and his long and well-documented history of self-aggrandizing and profiting off of race-baiting and spreading hate.

Since then, over 7,000 people have signed our petition to point out to Mondelez International, the owner of Ritz Crackers, that spending their advertising money on Sharpton’s show, Politics Nation, is offensive to many of their customers.

Today, a new front has opened up against Sharpton.

According to the New York Daily Mail, four Harlem ministers have form a new organization to challenge Sharpton on his home turf.

Speak Out Say It Loud, headquartered at Mount Neboh Baptist Church on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., is a new coalition of black ministers determined to create a unified African-American power base with citywide clout.

The Daily Mail report claims that the ministers primary objection to Sharpton is his pursuit of national fame at the expense of boots-on-the-ground work for New York’s black community.

“While (Sharpton) is jet-setting around the country, people are going to our churches saying they don’t have money to eat,” [Pastor Johnnie Green] said. “People need somebody to fight for them.”

The pastors have issued invitations to over 100 churches to join them at a rally on October 24th to make their case. They expect more than 1,500 people to attend.

“Sharpton isn’t a community organizer. He’s a personality,” scoffed Raymond Blanchette, head bishop of the United Churches for Kingdom Building.

Sharpton is indeed a personality, and one who has made millions off of the suffering of others – including the innocent victims of his self-promotion.

According to Green, Sharpton positions himself as the leader of the black community, but is, in fact, only the leader of his own fan club.

That he does so with the patina of mainstream credibility is the work of NBC News and advertisers like Mondelez International. Don’t forget to let them know how you feel about that.