SHAPIRO: New Film Predicted Voter Insurgency Against Pro-Amnesty Politicians

An inundated border. Victimized children wandering through the desert. Ranchers being hung out to dry. And a population finally mobilized to fight back against their corrupt and venal pro-amnesty politicians.

All of it was predicted in Jeremy Boreing’s The Arroyo.

As the fallout continues from Rep. Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) defeat in his primary at the hands of unknown economics professor David Brat over Cantor’s support for immigration reform, Boreing’s The Arroyo looks more timely than ever.

The film tells the story of Jim Weatherford, a rancher in Arizona whose property is being used as a thoroughfare by drug cartels smuggling illegal immigrants across the border. After being stonewalled by his Congressman and the police, Weatherford decides to take matters into his own hands, leading to a climactic showdown with the cartels – and a popular voter insurgency against the Congressman.

“Listen, I understand that you’re frustrated,” the Congressman tells his constituents after a brutal slaying by the drug cartels. “I’m frustrated too, but most of these people are good, law-abiding folks—“

“And nobody blames them,” a citizen shoots back. “We blame you – for not sealing the border.”

Another citizen shouts, “If you don’t do it, we will.”

The movie is slated for release on iTunes today. It has already earned raves and solid box office numbers in south Texas, and premiered in Los Angeles.