Nevada Teachers' Union Dues Support Progressive Agenda

"Kinda stupid for teachers to be pro-abortion, duuh!"

Nevada teachers have learned that their union dues -- some over $770 per year/per teacher -- are going to support more than just education or their state union's operating costs, writes Chantal Lovell of Nevada Policy Research Institute.

In fact, Lovell has revealed that dues paid to the Nevada State Education Association are regularly used for the union's progressive agenda:

Teachers' monetary contributions are regularly used to further political and social agendas that may conflict with the personal views and convictions of individual members.

Examples Lovell gives are a donation of $100,000 to ProgressNow Nevada and the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, both of which support same-sex marriage and pro-LGBT policies for Nevada, including the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network of Southern Nevada and the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada.

The dues are also funding pro-abortion organizations such as Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood. Progress Now Nevada is headed by the former public affairs manager of Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada, according to Lovell.

Monies are also funneled through to support the margin tax plan, which would tax individuals "fairly" by the tax rate increasing as income rises and conversely, lower tax rates for low income. Some $235,000 have been contributed to this agenda between the NSEA and the National Education Association -- the only two to contribute, in fact.

Nevada teachers can opt-out of the union but must notify them, in writing, of their decision to leave.

Lovell writes:

Despite billing itself as 'the voice for education in the Silver State,' the Nevada State Education Association makes hefty political contributions that reveal its bosses see their mission as much broader.

They boast about the union's political activity, but that activity clearly stretches far beyond matters of education.