Netanyahu: No Speech at UN Has Ever Been Bolder, More Courageous Than Trump’s

What was that about anti-Semitism?

We've said it before multiple times on TruthRevolt: nothing exemplifies the utter hypocrisy of the Left better than its newfound preoccupation with anti-Semitism. Leftists balk about white supremacists (which all people of goodwill should do), and claim they exemplify Trump supporters (which is false). They pretend to be champions of the Jewish people -- who they claim are victims of the Trump administration's bigotry -- yet Leftists are, of course, hypocrites. 

For years, they've supported the wholly Antisemitic BDS movement and routinely vilified Israel, questioning its legitimacy and right to defend its people against barbarism. Perhaps it's no wonder then that mainstream media have been resoundingly silent about President Trump's recent speech before the United Nations, and moreover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's praise of that very speech. 

In fact, the Israeli PM said that of the "countless speeches" he has listened to, "none were bolder, none more courageous or forthright, than the one delivered by President Trump." 

NTK provides the video clip and summary: 

Netanyahu also applauded a statement from the United Nation’s secretary general that denying Israel’s right to exist is anti-Semitism pure and simple.

“For too long the epicenter of global anti-Semitism has been right here at the UN,” Netanyahu declared. “While it might take many years, I am absolutely confident that the revolution in Israel’s ties with individual nations will ultimately be reflected here in this hall of nations.”

Netanyahu continued: “I say that because there’s also a market change in the positions of some of our key friends. Thanks to President Trump’s unequivocal support for Israel in this body, that positive change is gathering force. So thank you, President Trump, for supporting Israel at the UN.”

“Here at the UN we must also speak the truth about Iran as President Trump did so powerfully this morning,” Netanyahu continued. “I’ve listened to countless speeches in this hall, but I can say this: none were bolder, none more courageous or forthright, than the one delivered by President Trump today.”

The smile on Netanyahu's face during Trump's speech made it clear he believes that Israel, after eight hostile years dealing with the Obama administration, might finally have an ally in the White House. And that, to us, is the opposite of Antisemitism.