Net Neutrality Protest Signs Call FCC Chair 'Obama's B*tch'

"Boot Licker"

Posters and signs appeared early Wednesday morning around the nation's capital and the upscale Georgetown neighborhood where embattled Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler lives. The posters read “Boot Licker” with Wheeler's face printed over a repeating series of “Obama’s Bitch” in the background in an apparent indication that the commissioner is kowtowing to President Obama.

Wheeler has stated in the past that he’s not bound by the direction of the president.

Stop signs in the Georgetown neighborhood, directly in front of Wheeler’s house, were amended to say, “Stop Wheeler — Don’t Brake the Internet’ [sic]. 

Opponents of the proposed plan contend that reclassifying the Internet as a government utility, similar to other telecommunications services, is bad for future Internet progress.

The signs appeared in advance of the FCC's net neutrality vote set for Thursday morning.