Neil Cavuto Takes Pelosi Apart Over 'Undocumented' Correction

Really, Nancy?

Fox News' Neil Cavuto has solved the riddle of why we can't call the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma terrorism: it's because liberals are too cowardly to call anything what it actually is. Take, for example, Nancy Pelosi's recent obnoxious correction of a reporter asking a question about illegal immigrants. "Are you referring to undocumented people?" said she, in her most haughty and self-serving tone, a look of moral superiority attempting to break through the near solid layer of plastic she uses for a face. Cavuto has had his fill of nonsense, and lights it up.

Nancy, what part of "illegal" bothers you? Doesn't "undocumented" mean illegal? If you don't have documents, doesn’t that mean you don't have them for a reason and might that reason be because, oh I don’t know... that you're illegal? And don't illegals not get documents because they’re not legal? Legal citizens get legal documents. Illegal citizens don't get legal documents, because like I said, they're not legal and the documents are for folks who are legal.So if they're undocumented, that means that they're unable to get legal documents which must mean that they're illegal and not entitled to any such documents.

The host then goes into a painstaking description of exactly what constitutes legal and illegal, in terms that simply cannot be disputed. Then he lets Nancy have it again.

So let me say those words again because they are getting to be as rare as Washington Redskins; Illegal alien, illegal alien, illegal alien. That's what you are here when you have no documents, you have no right here, you have no rights here, because again you shouldn't be here. So you are entitled to nothing here. This isn't about saying things that, well, just might offend you, Nancy. This is about something called our Constitution and honoring it, Nancy.

Now I know why it is so tough for you to call terrorism what it is. Think about it. You can't even muster the words to call millions who shouldn't even be here what they are they’re not undocumented. But I’m beginning on wonder whether some of you guys are just unhinged. Because this isn't about millions of illegals not having papers, no offense, Nancy, this is about you not having anything approaching a clue.

Are you referring to intolerable people, Neil? Yes, yes you are. Because Pelosi is.

That says just about all there is to say to our most superior and benign Lady of California, her Holier-than-thouness herself, Representative Nancy "SanFranistan" Pelosi.

h/t The Lid