NBC's Russert Uses CBO Against GOP, But Not Obamacare

Diminishes GOP alternative, ignores Obamacre shortcomings

NBC News correspondent Luke Russert seemingly went out of his way to avoid criticizing Obamacare Thursday by refusing to add context to a report about  Republican proposals to replace Obamacare. 

In an article on the GOP's efforts to build an alternative to Obamacare published Thursday, Russert cited a CBO report meant to diminish the GOP plan, but in the process ignored the equally convicting evidence against the President's healthcare law. In the article, Russert derides Boehner's response to what a GOP plan would include:

Pressed about what a GOP healthcare plan might look like, Boehner pointed reporters to proposals offered by the party during the run-up to the eventual passage of the law.

Then, the GOP’s loose plan was a collection of standard Republican principles: small business tax credits to businesses that offered healthcare, measures to allow young people to stay on their parent’s plan till age 25, medical malpractice reforms and a boost in high risk pools. The Congressional Budget Office at the time said the GOP plan would only reduce the number of uninsured by 3 million while the Democratic proposal would cover 31 million people.

The CBO estimate of the GOP plan would also be something Russert highlighted in a tweet meant to add additional context to his earlier tweet promoting the piece.

But Russert obviously failed to hold the same CBO estimate against the Democratic proposal, which is now the law of the land. While celebrated by many in the media, Obamacare enrollments have fallen well short of the 31 million mentioned in the report Russert cites. But comparing the report's predictions to the law that is currently in place is apparently less relevant than using them to dismiss competing proposals.