NBC News Sympathizes with Illegal Aliens Facing Deportation

Just give them all IDs. It's no big deal!

A new 13-minute mini-documentary produced by NBC makes a strong case in favor of issuing illegal aliens ID cards with little to no regard for U.S. law or the safety of legal citizens, proving once again that gone are the days of unbiased reporting.

The slick production features several “undocumented immigrants” living in New York City who have benefited from IDNYC, a program created in 2014 to give a city identification card for undocumented immigrants, homeless, or any new Yorker without a proper ID. One said living without an ID meant they couldn’t “pursue happiness.” The other, a self-described “gay boy,” simply wants all the benefits of being an American citizen without actually having to be one. Go figure.

The mini-doc explains that there are 11.1 million illegal aliens in the U.S. and 1.2 million illegals living in New York. Mayor Bill de Blasio supported the program but caused a stink among the aliens and their allies when he pulled in the NYPD to participate in the ID program. The illegal aliens suddenly didn’t like the idea because they would be on record as undocumented. After the complaints piled in, city hall promised to only retain records for only two years. 

IDNYC launched in January 2015. Cardholders get perks around town; free entry to museums and other attractions, as well as the ability to open bank accounts in 12 local banks. Having an ID also validates the non-citizens, as they explain. By December 2016, over 1 million NYC residents applied for the ID program — nearly every illegal alien accounted for in the city.

In order to receive an ID card, the alien must provide some form of foreign identification. NBC threw up some numbers in a graphic showing the breakdown of what is collected for the database. The sad music accompaniment was a clue that NBC News is concerned that the government knows so much about who is living in the city:

379,255 foreign passports
19,845 foreign birth certificates
10,062 consular ID cards
8,272 expired foreign passports

Activists, too, are concerned about the database. When IDNYC was an idea conceived under President Obama, one activist in the feature said it wasn’t a big deal. But with Donald Trump in office, everything changed.

After the election, two GOP lawmakers in New York filed a suit against IDNYC, citing its potential exploitation by criminal aliens bent on doing U.S. citizens harm. The lawsuit meant the city couldn’t destroy those records after two years. The Republicans were concerned that the city was handing out IDs using expired foreign passports oftentimes sold on the black market and believed the database could help them identify someone if a crime was committed. 

However, De Blasio is confident the case will go in his favor and all records will be destroyed as promised. So far, no federal authority has asked for the data. And since January 2017, NYC stopped collecting any records for new applicants. What a grand idea, mayor!

Ultimately, activists and recipients of the IDNYC program want the data destroyed because that’s the only way they can feel “safe.” NBC concluded by pointing to other cities who are protecting illegal aliens from deportation. Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, and other cities are currently looking to follow NYC’s ID program. The only thing holding them back is the data-retention debate.

Does any mainstream news organization want to weigh the consequences of handing out ID cards to people breaking the law? Anyone? There have been two terrorist attacks in NYC in just six weeks by people exploiting our immigration system. Yet, NBC et. al. is more concerned that an "undocumented" person feels bad that they aren't a full citizen. There is a legal pathway. Why didn't NBC do a documentary on that?

Watch below: