NBC News President Defends Gregory

Gives Meet The Press host a vote of confidence

NBC News President Deborah Turness gave embattled Meet The Press host David Gregory a vote of confidence in a memo, according to a report in Politico published Thursday. 

Politico's Dylan Byers obtained a copy of the memo, which defended Gregory against "personal" and "vindictive" attacks. Turness pledged to continue with Gregory as the host of the longest-running television show in American history, "while at the same time adapting and innovating with new ideas on all platforms and connecting what's happening in Washington to Americans across the country."

Gregory's tenure as host has come under increased scrutiny recently as the show has fallen behind rivals CBS and ABC in the ratings, and amidst reports that NBC brought in a "psychological consultant" to help Gregory better connect with audiences. That scrutiny, as Byers notes, includes some rather harsh judgments of Gregory himself:

The most recent piece, and among the harshest, was a column by conservative media columnist Michelle Malkin, who called the host "a phony" and "a jerk."

In the memo, Turness said "some of the chatter has been vindictive, personal and above all – untrue."