NBC News Finally Reports on Anchor Babies Problem Because There’s a Russia Angle

Oh, NOW it's on their radar!

Foreigners have been taking advantage of loopholes in the U.S. immigration system for some time now, but usually NBC News is defending the increase of illegal aliens in our midst and blaming President Trump for wanting them to come here legally. But in a new report on anchor babies — they call it “birth tourism” — NBC News suddenly feigned concern that it could be a big problem. 

Why the sudden interest? Because there’s a Russia connection, and you know how the media loves Russia connections right now.

Russian mothers are coming to Miami in increasing numbers to take advantage of Article 14 of the Constitution which gives U.S. citizenship for anyone born on American soil. 

“While the practice is controversial, it’s perfectly legal,” the report states. “These kids will have the right to live and work here, receive social services, and when they turn 21, will have the right to sponsor their parents for an American Green Card.”

Trump has said he wants to end birthright citizenship because it’s “the biggest magnet for illegal immigration.”

NBC News then inserts the twist:

“Ironically, condo buildings bearing the name ‘Trump’ are among the most popular for Russian birth tourists. And housing in buildings with the Trump name are advertised by birth tourism agencies catering to Russian clients.”

One Moscow-based agency called Miami Mama openly advertises U.S. citizenship and is said to bring almost 100 Russians to the states every year.

A reporter spoke to one of the Russian mothers who said she understands the concern that they’re taking advantage of the system but assures they’re “not going to take something from America.”

“If I can spend my money, why not?” the expectant mother said.

NBC News concludes, “There’s no indication that President Trump, or the Trump organization, is directly profiting from this birth tourism. We’ve reached out to the White house and the company to ask. So far, no word back.”

Watch the report below: