NBC Labels Olympian's Traditional Marriage 'Alternative Lifestyle'

Or is it because he doesn't act like other freestyle skiers?

Skyler Wilder wrote a piece for NBCOlympics.com about halfpipe skier and gold medalist David Wise who is a 23-year-old husband to his wife Alexandra and father to their 2-year-old daughter. Curiously, the headline reads:

David Wise's alternative lifestyle leads to Olympic gold

Wilder writes that Wise is unlike other young skiers in his field because he has the "lifestyle of an adult." In the article, Wise says that it is this lifestyle that helps ease his mind when it comes to competition:

I think my lifestyle — the fact that I have a little girl to take care of and a wife — really takes the pressure off of my skiing, because first and foremost I have to be a good husband and father.

Wilder points out that Wise attends church and would like to become a pastor. Meanwhile, his competitors are into partying and finding the next epic adventure. Is it Wise's diversion from the normal lifestyle of a freestyle skier that is "alternative" or is it in reference to his traditional marriage?

Apparently, NBC is leaving the interpretation to its readers.