NBC Demands Trump 'Rectify' Economic Collapse He Caused By Winning ... Now Stock Market 'Roars to Life'

Could mainstream media look any more foolish? The answer is YES.

As if Donald Trump winning the presidency weren't proof enough that nothing the mainstream media say is worth listening to, MSNBC doubled down on its predictable uselessness. 

Minutes after President-Elect Donald Trump's unifying victory speech, Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd and company demanded that Trump "stabilize the economy quickly before [it] collapses."

The implication being that Trump's election caused the stock market to, at the time, perform in a volatile fashion (which it's wont to do whenever there is a global uncertainty before an election), and that Trump alone would cause its imminent collapse.

"He's [Trump] now quickly got to address sort of this panicked reaction that there is out there in the financial markets and so that's what a president has to do," Todd commanded. "He's now president-elect, he needs to stabilize this economy quickly before that whole thing collapses." Newsbusters notes that Today co-host Savannah Guthrie chimed in about "receiving text messages from acquaintances lamenting their retirement funds evaporating and ruling that 'we’ll see if that settles down.'"

Andrea Mitchell then had her own Chicken Little moment, decrying "the global markets that have been collapsing overnight!" and immediately passing down an ultimatum. "Donald Trump has to rectify that," she scolded. 

"He could be facing the kind of economic collapse that Barack Obama inherited when he took office. He's got to face this and come up with a plan that is completely different from his economic plan, the $5 trillion debt hole that has — that all independent observers have said is his economic plan. He has got to reassure markets very, very quickly."

Funny. Because look at the headline at 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday: 


Enough said.