National Poll: Sanders Overtakes Hillary

Sanders - 47%, Hillary - 44%

A new national poll of Democrat primary voters has Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders leading battle-worn, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the first time.

The Fox News survey has Sanders with 47% of the vote, while Hillary has support from 44% of Democrat primary voters.

But another new poll finds Clinton maintaining a lead in the race for the Democrat nomination:

An NBC poll released on Thursday evening showed Clinton maintaining an 11-point lead over Sanders nationally. Still, that represented a 14-point swing from when the same poll was conducted last month, before Sanders' double-digit New Hampshire primary win.

The two polls were released two days before the Nevada caucus, which will be held this coming Saturday. Polls in Nevada show Clinton and Sanders tied. 

Once considered a "firewall" for Clinton, Nevada has become a key battleground, as both candidates have rolled out campaign surrogates to woo interest groups like Latino voters and immigration activists.

Clinton has been operating aggressively in Nevada since last April, while Sanders recently deployed campaign staff to the state to gain ground against Clinton.