National Founder of SJP Calls To Silence Jewish Groups The Evening Before The Jewish New Year

University of California at Berkeley professor and founder of the national student group “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP) Hatem Bazian announced an “International Day of Action” to call for a complete academic and cultural boycott of Israel on September 23rd- the Eve before the Jewish New Year.

The anti-Semitic nature of the day included calls for “No joint research or conferences with Israeli Institutions, No to University Presidents' Visits to Israel, No Campus Police Training or Cooperation with Israeli Security” in addition to demanding the elimination of all study abroad programs in Israel. The effort is to prevent all academic interaction with the Jewish state and to limit people’s ability to interact with Israel and Israelis.

The attempt to isolate Israel extends to a boycott of Jewish and Israeli on-campus organizations as well. Professor Bazian has also commanded his group to demand “No to University Coordination and Strategizing with the ADL, JCRC, AJC, Stand With US, ZOA, Israeli Consulate to Limit Students Pro-Palestine Constitutionally Protected Activities.” 

One of the organizations mentioned by Professor Bazian, the ZOA, released the following statement to Truth Revolt:

The so-called “Students for Justice in Palestine” is an anti-Israel propaganda hate group which calls for Israel’s destruction and calls for terrorism against Jews. It is no surprise that SJP’s founder, Hatem Bazian, is calling for a campaign to silence all voices that he disagrees with and the freedoms we all cherish. He advocates for the destruction of a country that gives its Arab citizens full political and civil rights, which is something not even given to Arabs in Arab countries. SJP representatives repeatedly taunt Jews with anti-Semitic name calling like “kike” and “Zionist pig.” In fact, only last week, one SJP member punched a Jewish student in the face at Temple University while other SJP representatives stood by laughing. SJP founder Hatim Bazian has even called for an intifada (terror war), right here in the United States! Students should be aware of what hate groups like SJP really stand for.

The timing of the “day of action” is likely not a coincidence, as many Jewish students are likely to be attending prayer services on that day, and will not be able to provide a counter-response to calls of isolation and boycott of the Jewish state. This tactic is not new to Professor Bazian’s national organization, as it consistently lashes out with anti-Semitic calls for boycotts of American campuses during Jewish high-holidays to limit Jewish response to their hateful goals.

Moreover, the day coincides with the anniversary of the day that Auschwitz guards killed 200 members of the Sonderkommando (all Jews) with "Zyklon B" gas. Again it is not uncommon for ‘SJP’ to use the timing of their events as a tactic to intimidate Jewish students and silence their voices. 

By Ron Feingold