Myth BUSTED: ATF Gets Perfectly Trolled on Facebook, Spills Beans About Obama's Executive Action

About that "loophole" ...

The ATF is busy this week. Between Obama's gun control action and the events in Oregon, they have their hands full, both real and virtual. On their Facebook page, they posted multiple items about complying with Obama's power grab, including this one:


ATF issues guidance to help the public understand when a federal firearms license is required. Learn more

Posted by ATF on Monday, January 4, 2016

The post was met - one would think predictably - with skepticism and criticism. But among all the feedback, the folks at RedState found one particular gem.

Which was followed promptly by a few more great comments that RedState has posted you will want to go read. But we also found one that is particularly on point.

That's the ATF admitting that this was already the law.

To paraphrase the title of a popular television show .. Myth Busted.