MUST-WATCH: Mock PSA Ad Ruthlessly Destroys Leftist ‘Tolerance

This is really good.

Get your laugh muscles ready for the most politically incorrect public service announcement of the day.

Comedian Owen Benjamin nails leftist hypocrisy to the wall in his video “It’s Time: To Submit to Islamic ‘Tolerance.’” The resounding refrain from the Left is equality and tolerance of all peoples — except white people, of course. We’re even supposed to be tolerant of those whose religion wants us dead. Benjamin’s video destroys that narrative with humor. 

Watch above.

Benjamin has another mock PSA called “It’s Time: To Give Our Guns to Hitler” and hilariously jabs those leftists who want guns out of the hands of all Americans.  They’d rather hundreds of millions of people be defenseless against an all-powerful state and repeal the Second Amendment. But little do they realize, calling for that under President Trump — who they think is “literally Hitler” — makes him the most well-armed person in the U.S. It’s like they didn’t think their logic through, or something.

Watch below: