MUST WATCH: Louisiana Senator Tells Obama, 'History Will Remember You as a Weakling'

"Mr. President, the fear we fear has been created by you."

If you're not familiar with Elbert Guillory, he will quickly become a favorite. TruthRevolt featured the Republican state senator from Louisiana back in 2014 when his Free At Last PAC implored the black community to stop voting for a local Democrat whom he warned was bettering nothing but her own political aspirations.

And now he's back with a fiery condemnation of President Barack Obama for letting ISIS gain a stranglehold over the world while he disarms American citizens.

Guillory's delivery is calm, cool, collected and yet, devastating. As they say, the truth hurts. 

His latest video is titled, "Mr. President: Disarm ISIS, Not Us." The description reads:

Instead of declaring war on ISIS, President Obama is taking actions to reduce our rights to own and use guns. Meanwhile, Americans anxiously await the next terror attack on our soil. Is it any surprise why Americans are afraid?

In the video, Guillory states, "Mr. President, the fear we fear has been created by you. As the leader of the world's most powerful army, you have a responsibility whether you want it or not."

He continues:

Black folks share in a brave heritage: Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. If any of these champions had paid witness to Christians being slaughtered, do you believe they would've just sat on their hands?

I'm older than you are, sir. I was arrested for the first time two years before you were born -- just for being black and refusing to leave a public library. I was prosecuting civil rights cases in Baltimore when you were only 12 years old living in Indonesia. But over my 71 years, my love for America has grown deeper and greater.

Guillory goes on to say that liberals, on the other hand, share in a hatred for America and despise the notion of American exceptionalism, which has led them to the dastardly idea that terrorism is our fault.

In his finishing move, Guillory slams Obama's "minor military action" against Islamic terrorism -- "pin-prick bombing, with no intent to destroy" -- saying this failed strategy is emboldening our enemies to believe it is possible to conquer the United States and the West.

"Mr. President, I urge you," says Guillory, "swiftly, with all American might, destroy ISIS and al-Baghdadi. Leave no stone unturned and send a message to jihadis across the Earth that they will never overcome the Land of the Free."

Otherwise, we are only counting down the days to an attack on American soil, one which might make Pearl Harbor or September 11th pale in comparison. And history, Mr. President, will remember you as a weakling.

Guillory switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party in 2013, announcing he was joining the party of the Abolitionist Movement and of Frederick Douglass. Watch his explanation here.