Muslim Woman Walks Around Moscow Holding Child's Severed Head

"I am your death."

A horrifying scene played out near a Moscow train station when a Muslim woman pulled a child's severed head from her bag and paraded it around while shouting Islamic phrases.

It is being reported that the 39-year-old woman, covered in a traditional Islamic garment, was the child's nanny and had murdered the little girl, estimated between 3-4 years old, and set the family's apartment on fire before leaving with the decapitated head.

The woman was filmed outside of a metro station screaming in Arabic, "I am a terrorist, I am your death," and also, "Allahu akbar." (Censored content below)



Bystanders said the woman was walking in circles around the station for nearly 20 minutes holding the head and shouting. Police arrived and apprehended the woman, placing her into psychiatric care. She is reportedly from the Muslim-majority region of Central Asia, which the BBC notes includes Uzbekistan, a country that supplies a lot of migrant labor to the Russian capitol.

Concerned about another attack by a female suicide bomber like the one in 2010 at a Moscow metro station, authorities searched for explosives but found none.  

Russia's Children's Rights Commissioner cautioned:

Before hiring a baby-sitter for your child, at least make sure of her mental state.

Yeah, at least.

LiveLeak has the full uncensored video. It's not too graphic and also shows the police taking her down.