Murders Spike 28% in Los Angeles

And a double-digit increase in assaults and robberies.

The murder rate in strictly gun-controlled, Democrat-led Los Angeles has jumped 27.5% so far this year compared with 2015 for the same time period.

Chief Earl Paysinger told police commissioners at their weekly meeting there was also a double-digit increase in assaults and robberies for a total increase of 12.7% in violent crime.

The LAPD's Central Bureau has seen the largest crime increase at 4.5%. The South Bureau, which covers South L.A., has seen a 3% jump. The two remaining bureaus, which cover West L.A. and the San Fernando Valley, have seen crime decrease compared with the same period last year.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck revealed that 10 of the 12 shootings on a recent weekend were gang-related. He also said that more than half of the city's 48 homicides recorded at that point were also thought to be related to gang activity.

Police are trying to figure out the most effective long-term gang strategies.

"That's what we try to do -- try to identify those types of people," he said. "We have to focus on violent crime because that's the most serious, but they're all important."

"When we start out in a hole, it sets the tone for what's going to come," he said. "We want to start off the year on a good tone."