MSNBC's Touré Compares Fracking To ... Racism?

Fracking, Oligarchs, Racists ... It's All The Same

On MSNBC's The Cycle on Monday, host Touré was discussing what action might be supported by NBA owners as a group in response to the comments allegedly made by Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

"Some of the folks who own these NBA teams, and this is breaking news Ari, some of them are not the most savory folks. Some of them are bankrolling anti-gay marriage initiatives. Some of them got rick off of fracking. Some of them are Russian oligarchs. Some of them were part of passing on the sub-prime loan debacle."

So to be clear, the list of things that can make you unsavory and, presumably, at least as far as Rev. Al Sharpton is concerned, put your team at risk of being disbanded, include opposing gay marriage (good thing the President didn't own a team a few years ago) and hydraulic fracturing. Yes, making money from a legitimate, scientifically sound, and highly successful technology is the same thing as being grossly and overtly racist. Because The Day After Tomorrow. Fracking is a liberal hobbyhorse, trotted out to show how pro-science and pro-earth they are and how cromagnon and insensitive conservatives or capitalists are. And the myths are not limited to offhand comments from MSNBC hosts to their tens of viewers. They also spread them to children in public schools.



It's the very definition of propaganda. And they don't give a frack what you think about that.